Orphan Ministry Update!


God has given us a vision and an opportunity to help orphans around each of the local Independent Baptist Churches that He has allowed us to get established in the Nyanza Province of Kenya.

When we left Kenya to begin our furlough in the United States, we did not tell the Kenyan people about what God was laying on our hearts.  We wanted to pray about it more and make sure that we were following the Lord’s leading and not our own desires in this matter.  So, when we returned to Kenya 5 1/2 weeks ago, we felt that it was time to share our vision with each of our Kenyan Pastors as well.

During our first meeting, which we held in order to share our vision, to set up a committee, and to put some strict guidelines in place went very well.  As a matter of fact, we found out that the Lord has been dealing with some of the Pastors about working with orphans as well!  One, Pastor Samuel Buluku, took it upon himself, his family, and his church to start a small orphanage at their church - that was half way through our furlough, and he had no idea what we were wanting to do.  He and his wife are acting as parents to 15 orphaned children already!  Isn’t it amazing when you can see God’s unmistakeable hand moving and working in the hearts of people! 

Now Pastor Buluku and his church have not had an easy time, but they have tried their best to take care of these children.  This church is in the village of Thidhia in the southern part of Nyanza Province, and it is an area where the majority of the people are living below the poverty level.  But seeing what they are trying to do, makes you stop and wonder what might be possible if some of God’s people (who do have some resources at their disposal) get a hold of this vision and help by supporting it financially on a monthly basis!  It reminds me of the “widow’s mite” in the Bible - she gave everything she had to the Lord.  Well, that is what this Pastor and his family are doing too.  They are struggling to make ends meet on a day to day basis, but they know that they are taking care of God’s children. 

You might be asking yourself right now, “How can I help orphans who are half way around the world, people I have never and might never meet?”  Well, there are a few  ways that you can help:

- You can pray for Pastor Buluku & his church as they continue helping as they can.
- You can pray that we can start similar projects at our other churches & that the other Kenyan Pastors will claim this vision for their areas too.
- You can donate a one time monetary gift to help these children.
- You can support these children on a monthly basis:
$15 - allows us to take a small care package to each child monthly.
$30 - allows us to give full support in a home setting like Pastor Buluku has implemented.

If you are going to pray for this ministry, please send us an email (click here) to let us know of your prayers for these children.  If you would like to donate, please click on the “Donate” button below (you will be taken to BIMI’s secure paypal site - all donations will receive a tax deductible receipt).

Thank you for your Prayers & Support!