Knowing God’s Will
Many times the Call of God is so misunderstood and it is difficult for young people to determine the time or the place of God’s calling in their lives.  Two questions that are frequently asked are “Is this God’s will for my life?” or “How can I find God’s will for my life?”  Many times young people see an area of service that is appealing and they try to convince themselves, others, and maybe God, that it is “His will.”  And they may even find themselves in the middle of service that they are not content with any aspect of it, and they end up burning out or causing problems with other people because they feel that they are discouraged themselves.

I believe that there are Four Instruments that God always uses in His divine purpose for someone’s life, and because God has a perfect will of God for every believer, then I believe that there is a perfect plan in letting us know his will when we are seeking him with our whole heart.

Four Instruments of knowing God’s will:
1. The Conviction of God’s Spirit
2. The Confirmation of God’s Word
3. The Commendation of God’s Man
4. The Commission of God’s Church

I believe that each of these instruments are complete in themselves and we can be guided by them separately to do anything for God.  But when all of them are present then the perfect will of God is clearly evident to us and all who are around us.  If the will of God is this evident in our life then there is only one choice, and that is to “obey.”  Romans 8:28 tells us that “all things work together for good,” it shows us that all things right in our life leads us to the one “good, acceptable, and perfect will of God” for our lives.  Other things that God may use in our lives to help us to be lead by the will of God are circumstances, desires, opportunities, and open doors.

I have used these four instruments in every area of my life since I started making decisions for myself.  Earlier when I followed mainly my pastor’s or parent’s advice, I have realized that they were preparing me to listen to God only.  Some of the major decisions that I made knowing God’s will without any doubt were Bible College, Marriage, Choosing Mission field, Finding a City in Kenya to start our ministry, and many others.

As I have grown older I have had to depend more on God for decisions and less on God’s men to an aspect of the details of the situation, because of being so far from the situation.  But there counsel is still asked for and heeded.  I was taught a long time ago that I should give my pastor or another man in my life “veto power” in my life, so that I can have protection on hard decisions.  It is never God’s will for our lives to make hard, worrying, and complicated decisions.